Celebrating American Exceptionalism

America is an exceptional nation, for many reasons.

America is exceptional because it remains the greatest example of freedom and democracy around the world.

American is exceptional because we sent mankind to the moon.

America is exceptional because we have been blessed with natural beauty and an abundance of natural resources.

American is exceptional because brave men and women continue to join our armed forces and some even selflessly lay down their lives for this country.

America is exceptional because her people are exceptional.

Despite all this, the integrity of our country has been under attack in recent years. We the people have constantly been told by politicians, celebrities and coastal elites that the United States is a racist, awful country with no history or contributions worth appreciating.

I could not disagree more.

This past year has been hard on many, but we cannot let trying times or tribulations cause us to forget what makes us special.

We must always celebrate our great nation and remind ourselves why we are exceptional.

That’s why I would like to know why you think America is an exceptional country. Fill out the form below and attach an image that captures American Exceptionalism for a chance to be featured in our Newsletter or Social Media!