Stauber commends agreement to hire union labor for Twin Metals mining

August 22, 2019
In The News

“Today, mining and labor come together to define our future,” Stauber stated in a news release. “This Project Labor Agreement for Twin Metals will allow Minnesota’s future workforce to safely mine the copper, nickel, cobalt and platinum group elements that power our modern world.

“This project will create over 1,000 jobs for our miners, but it will also invigorate critical industries like health care and tourism. Once this project moves forward, we will see more patrons in our restaurants, more students enrolled in schools, more customers investing in small businesses, and more families settling down in our communities.”

Stauber also commended the administration of President Donald Trump for making this move possible by reversing the “harmful and politically motivated whims” of the Obama administration, stating, “The previous administration’s assault on mining, and our way of life, was a damaging setback for the hardworking Minnesotans who rely on these high-quality mining jobs. … I am thankful that President Trump and his administration know that this project not only benefits our district and state, but our nation and the world."