Stauber Applauds Decision to Delist Gray Wolf

October 29, 2020
Press Release

MINNESOTA – After tireless advocacy from Congressman Pete Stauber (MN-08) on behalf of Minnesota’s hunters, farmers, and ranchers, the Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) under the Trump Administration announced the final rule to delist the gray wolf in the lower 48 states today. In doing so, the FWS has rightfully returned management of the gray wolf to the states, who have been pivotal to the species’ recovery. As a leader on bipartisan House legislation to delist the gray wolf, Congressman Stauber made the following statement applauding the decision:

“Today’s announcement is long overdue, as scientists agree the gray wolf has been recovered for years. Since arriving in Congress, I have heard from concerned constituents on this issue, including farmers who have lost thousands of dollars’ worth of cattle, sheep, and even pets to gray wolves along with our deer hunting community who have seen whitetail deer herds decline. Our farmers deserve to defend their livelihoods and passing along the hunting tradition to future generations is critical, which is why I have long fought to delist the gray wolf. Therefore, I applaud Director Skipwith and Secretary Bernhardt for returning species management to where it rightly belongs: the states. Now, I look forward to seeing the experts at the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources reinstate a science-based wolf management program like we had in previous years, giving both our farmers and hunters peace of mind.”

Throughout his time in office, Congressman Stauber has worked across the aisle and introduced several pieces of legislation to restore state control of gray wolf populations.

In addition to Congressman Stauber, the following organizations made statements applauding this decision:

Allison Vanderwal, Executive Director of the Minnesota State Cattlemen’s Association stated, “The Minnesota State Cattlemen’s Association is excited for the announcement of the delisting of the Gray Wolf. Under the management of the Department of Natural Resources and continued support from Congressman Stauber, the Gray Wolf has successfully exceeded recovery population numbers. The management of the Gray Wolf is now in the hands of state officials who can best manage the population to benefit beef and livestock producers, as well as Gray Wolf habitat in our state. Thank you, Representative Stauber, for listening to our members’ needs and leading this effort.”

Craig Engwal, Executive Director of the Minnesota Deer Hunters Association stated, “MDHA is pleased that the Fish and Wildlife Service has delisted the gray wolf again and greatly appreciates the efforts of Congressmen Stauber and Peterson in returning wolf management to Minnesota. The wolf has met all recovery goals in Minnesota for decades and Minnesota DNR has shown that it can responsibly manage a wolf season. It is now time for DNR to begin the planning process for implementing a wolf season in 2021.”   


In 2013, the gray wolf was removed from the Endangered Species Act under President Obama’s Fish and Wildlife Service because it had fully recovered and no longer qualified to remain under federal protection, returning management to the states.

Unfortunately, a federal judge based out of Washington, D.C. rejected science and catered to well-funded activist groups by moving the gray wolf back onto the Endangered Species list, tying the hands of states like Minnesota.