Stauber Introduces Legislation to Put an End to America’s Reliance on Foreign Supply Chains for Critical Minerals

April 28, 2020
Press Release
Stauber’s Securing America’s Critical Minerals Supply Chain Act will help build a supply chain that is mined, processed, and manufactured in America

HERMANTOWN, MN – As the COVID-19 pandemic shines a light on the dangers of reliance on foreign supply chains for critical minerals, Congressman Pete Stauber (MN-08) introduced legislation that will incentivize American manufacturers to purchase domestically sourced critical minerals. In doing so, the Securing America’s Critical Minerals Supply Chain Act will help put an end to America’s dependence on unreliable foreign nations like China for critical minerals that power our economy.

Of his legislation, Congressman Stauber stated, “The coronavirus pandemic has highlighted the deficiency of our supply chain and made clear the need to domestically source the critical minerals used in every sector of our economy. My legislation would take an important step to end our reliance on untrustworthy foreign nations by incentivizing American manufacturers to purchase critical minerals that have been processed here in the United States. Mining is essential to northern Minnesota’s economy and identity, so I am proud to introduce legislation that will empower our miners to responsibly develop the resources necessary to meet all our nation’s security and economic needs.”

Kelsey Johnson, President of the Iron Mining Association stated, "The IMA thanks Congressman Stauber's work on this legislation, providing a benefit and tax incentive to support a strong iron mining industry in the United States. During this unprecedented time it is wonderful to see our local and federal elected leaders working together to further incentivize the use of environmentally-superior, U.S.-produced iron ore pellets." 

Currently, U.S. manufacturers rely on foreign countries for more than half of the metals and minerals they use. Outsourcing these metals and minerals often provides nations who do not have our best interests at heart with leverage, placing our national and economic security at risk.

Furthermore, outsourcing these critical minerals has only empowered nations with poor environmental and labor track records to continue with, and even ramp up, these harmful practices.

As the Representative of an area rich in minerals like taconite, copper, nickel, platinum-group elements, and others that can be used in everything from medical devices to infrastructure projects, Congressman Stauber knows that our miners, manufacturers and others throughout our domestic supply chain eagerly await the chance to serve their nation and responsibly source these resources needed for every sector of our economy.