Stauber Legislation to Require Barrier at Southern Border be Made of American Steel

March 5, 2019
Press Release

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, Congressman Pete Stauber (MN-08) introduced the American Workers for Security Act, which would help northern Minnesota’s mining economy and strengthen national security by mandating that any barrier along the U.S. – Mexico border be made of steel produced in the United States. This bipartisan legislation follows Congress’ recent appropriation of $1.375 billion to build a physical barrier at some of the most dangerous and porous parts of our southern border.

“American workers have the capability of producing strong and durable steel that meets all of our security, infrastructure, and manufacturing needs. Unfortunately, for too long, unfair trade deals have forced us to rely on foreign nations for steel,” said Stauber. “We cannot afford to continue to outsource an industry as vital to our national security as steel, so I was proud to introduce the American Workers for Security Act to ensure a project as large and important as the construction of the barrier at the southern border is done with steel made from iron ore and taconite mined right here in northern Minnesota.”

“AISI is pleased to support Rep. Stauber’s bill, the American Workers for Security Act,” said the American Iron and Steel Institute. “The legislation appropriately recognizes that any potential barrier at the U.S. southern border should be made of steel that has been produced in the United States. Not only is steel readily available, its strength and durability make it the preferred material of choice for most uses -- including a barrier structure. The legislation is consistent with long standing policies that all of the iron and steel used in federally-funded infrastructure projects must be produced in the United States. The steel industry stands prepared and is more than able to provide the steel needed in any construction of a barrier.”