Stauber Opposes Pelosi’s Irresponsible Tax-and-Spend Agenda

November 5, 2021
Press Release

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Congressman Pete Stauber (MN-08) made the following statement after voting against the Senate infrastructure bill, which is part of the Democrats’ multi-trillion-dollar tax-and-spend package:

“No one wants an infrastructure bill more than me, and I have long stated that it is important we return to regular order with a bicameral, bipartisan package that invests in traditional infrastructure projects, creates jobs, and spends taxpayer dollars wisely.

“Regrettably, Nancy Pelosi and other Democrat leaders made it abundantly clear that the $1.2 trillion Senate infrastructure bill is inextricably linked to their bloated multi-trillion-dollar tax-and-spend package.

“I will not be complicit in paving a destructive and irreversible path towards socialism. This massive spending package is not about real infrastructure, and instead will make businesses less competitive, outsource jobs, saddle American families and future generations with more debt and higher taxes, send inflation soaring to greater heights, and completely devastate our economy.

“Make no mistake; a vote for this “infrastructure” package is a vote for the reckless multi-trillion-dollar tax-and-spend spree. That’s why I voted NO.”

The non-partisan Congressional Budget Office estimates that the Senate infrastructure bill will add almost $300 billion to the national debt.