Stauber Opposes Pelosi’s Renewed Push for Partisan Wish List

October 1, 2020
Press Release

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Congressman Pete Stauber (MN-08) released the following statement after Speaker Pelosi brought forward a $2.2 trillion stimulus package containing countless partisan provisions, many of which are unrelated to COVID-19 relief:

“It is unfortunate that Speaker Pelosi has decided to put forward yet another reckless bill that prioritizes her partisan pet projects more than actual COVID-19 relief. This bill is a nonstarter as it recycles many of the same dangerous policies that were previously included in the HEROES Act and has absolutely no chance of becoming law. Rather than continuing with these political games, Speaker Pelosi needs to begin taking the welfare of the American people seriously. I am hopeful that in the coming days, this Chamber will be allowed to consider pragmatic solutions that can actually help the American people during this crisis. As I have said before, a pandemic that impacts our entire way of life calls for a bipartisan response.”

Among the partisan policies included in this $2.2 trillion package:

  • Extends policies that allow individuals to make more on unemployment than working.
  • Mandates a blanket release for certain federal prisoners and alleged criminals, while imposing a high burden for the government to prove they present a risk of harm to society upon release.
  • Federalizes elections, with only five weeks to election day, by including stringent, impossible to achieve mandates on how states must run elections.
  • Allows illegal immigrants to receive direct stimulus payments because the bill does not require social security number verification.
  • Fails to address needed legal protections for small businesses, schools, and churches from frivolous lawsuits.