Stauber’s Police Reform Efforts Blocked by House Democrats Again

August 24, 2020
Press Release

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Last Saturday, Congressman Pete Stauber (MN-08) introduced legislation that would fund better training for police officers, increase the number of body cameras, and fund important grants to police departments that help with community policing. During debate on the Postal Service Funding bill,  a motion was made to bring up three additional funding bills to the House Floor for consideration including Congressman Stauber’s police reform funding bill. The two additional pieces of legislation would have funded vaccine development and provided additional aid for small businesses. The motion was defeated on a party line vote of 230-171.

After this vote, Congressman Stauber stated, “The House has been out of session for 22 days. During this time, Americans have lost their jobs, small businesses have closed, and main street has suffered. Now, we only come back into town for less than 12 hours on a Saturday to address a single issue. I am disappointed that once again, my efforts to bring police reform legislation, as well my colleagues’ efforts to provide funding for vaccine development and aid for small businesses, were blocked by House Democrats. Americans should not be left asking “where are our leaders” amid these hard times and I urge Congress to get back to work to address these important issues.”

Congressman Stauber spoke on the House Floor about the need for Congress to get back to work to provide aid to the American people. Watch Congressman Stauber’s full remarks, HERE


As a former Duluth police officer, Congressman Stauber has led Republican police reform efforts in the House of Representatives by introducing the JUSTICE Act. Senator Tim Scott is the lead on this legislation in the Senate. Learn more about the bill, HERE.

On June 25, Congressman Stauber’s attempt to bring the JUSTICE Act to the House Floor was also blocked as House Democrats passed their own, partisan bill. Learn more about this action, HERE.