Stauber Successfully Teams up with Trump Administration During Appropriations Process to Save Mining Jobs

December 17, 2019
Press Release

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, Congressman Pete Stauber (MN-08) made the following statement after successfully stripping harmful anti-mining, anti-jobs language from the Interior appropriations package.

Stauber stated, “In northern Minnesota, mining is a way of life. Unfortunately, the livelihoods of my constituents and the needs of this nation were completely disregarded as an attempt was made to include anti-mining language in the Interior appropriations package. This damaging language would have halted mining in northern Minnesota for the next twenty years and robbed our communities of economic prosperity. Fortunately, with the help of the White House, Republican leadership and Congressman Emmer, we were able to prevent this harmful provision from reaching the House Floor.

Stauber continued, stating, “Northern Minnesota is not a playground for Twin Cities and Coastal elites to spend their weekends, but a place where thousands of us work, recreate and raise our families. Our local economy and rural schools depend on the ability to responsibly develop our God-given resources and in doing so, we are also ensuring that these resources upon which we all rely are developed with the strongest labor and environmental standards in the world.

Stauber concluded, stating, “I will always stand up for our economic drivers and work to bring high-paying jobs to our hardworking miners, union members and their families. We deserve good-paying jobs too. I am deeply thankful to President Trump for standing side by side with us and supporting our way of life.”

Ranking Member of the House Appropriations Committee, Congresswoman Kay Granger stated, “Representative Stauber fought tirelessly throughout the appropriations process for northern Minnesota. Because of his work and collaboration with the Trump Administration, we were successful in removing this harmful anti-mining provision. I look forward to continuing to work with Representative Stauber in the future on mining, public lands, and other issues.”

The anti-mining language Stauber prevented from reaching the House Floor would have halted union labor. Twin Metals Minnesota signed a Project Labor Agreement with leaders from our local unions. The following labor leaders applauded Stauber for his efforts:

The Business Manager and Financial Secretary of the International Union of Operating Engineers, Local 49, Jason George stated, “We have opposed the generic study of mining in the rainy river watershed since the concept was created by President Obama’s administration. We were also grateful to President Trump for stopping it when he became President. A generic study will tell you nothing of any practical use. A thorough, scientific study of a mine plan for an actual project is what we should look at when making decisions about specific mining projects. I thank my friend, Congressman Pete Stauber for stopping the anti-development crowds latest attempt to stop mining plans from coming forward with this useless generic study. Mr. Stauber is a champion for the 8th Congressional District, and a believer in a fair process that allows mining jobs to be created while our environment is protected. I am proud to support him.”

The Executive Secretary-Treasurer for the North Central States Regional Council of Carpenters, John Raines stated, “We recently signed a Project Labor Agreement with Twin Metals which means good jobs for middle class families in northern Minnesota. I want to applaud Rep. Stauber and other supporters of jobs in this region.”

The President of the Duluth Building & Construction Trades Council, Craig Olson stated, “The Duluth Building and Construction Trades applaud Congressman Pete Stauber for his hard work to ensure that our members will continue to have the opportunity to earn a decent living and raise their family in northeast Minnesota. The anti-mining language in the Interior appropriations bill would have been devastating to our members. Also, I want to thank the efforts by our members as we continue to have hope that there will be another generation of mining and the jobs it will create.”

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